Environmental quality label for sustainable plant products

  • On the way to PlanetProof

    PlanetProof is an environmental quality label for sustainable vegetables, fruit, plants, trees and flower bulbs. By meeting the PlanetProof quality requirements, farmers and growers help to make the air cleaner, soils more fertile, water purer and they can attract more nature to their farms.

    The farms will be inspected twice annually by an independent certification body. The PlanetProof criteria are reviewed every year and adjusted when necessary.

    The goal is to harmonise the balance between the farm and the environment and reduce our impact on the planet. We are on the way to PlanetProof!

    Sustainable Development Goals

    PlanetProof certified farmers and growers will also contribute to achieving some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

    • Energy
    • Production and Consumption
    • Climate
    • Water
    • Soil, Landscape and Biodiversity

  • Sustainable plant products

    'On the way to PlanetProof' is another and international name for Milieukeur Plant products; PlanetProof's sustainability criteria are fully identical to those of Milieukeur. As of 1-1-2019, Milieukeur for Plant products will be replaced by PlanetProof. The Accreditation Board monitors and accredits the Milieukeur certification system.


    Milieukeur involves an integrated approach to sustainable farming, whereby the balance between the various sustainability themes is carefully monitored. The Milieukeur criteria are based on the life cycle analysis (LCA) of a product or service. The Milieukeur requirements for processed products are also applied if relevant.

    Sustainability themes

    • Crop protection and emission
    • Fertilisation and soil fertility
    • Energy and climate
    • Biodiversity and landscape
    • Water quality and quantity
    • Packaging and waste
    • Working conditions